Ansonia, CT

Masjid Samiya

Our Mission

The Project

Masjid Samiya is unique in its mission. Its aim is to specifically cater to the underserved demographic of high school, college, and young professional Muslims by means of Suhbah Salihah (righteous company) and ‘Uloom Islamiyyah (sacred Islamic sciences). Join us for our events, we love to see new faces at our masjid.

Masjid Samiya was established in September 2017 as a project of An-Noor International Foundation, Inc (ANIF). ANIF is a proven, well-respected, and charitable organization dedicated to promoting the Islamic faith.

Future Plans

We need your help!

Masajid without a doubt are the heart and soul of a Muslim community. However, Islamic centers and masajid across the U.S. that are directly run by youth are a rarity. We truly believe the way forward is to have youth, who are traditionally trained in the Islamic sciences, and are cognizant of the challenges that our generation faces, at the forefront of our masajid. This is precisely the vision we have for this project. It is what we like to describe - "The first youth led masjid in the state of Connecticut". This is of course with the guidance of our mentors like Imam Zaid Shakir and others who paved the path for many years.

After purchase of this 9000 square foot building, the masjid still needs renovations in order to open fully. This is because the facility needs heating, carpeting, insulation, adequate bathrooms, and wudu areas. We are close to achieving the vision we have, yet are quite hindered until all renovations are complete.

We implore you all to donate generously to our cause.